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  This reference list covers projects bridgelab engineers were involved in. Personal references of members as well as
  projects handled by the individual companies are listed. The type of reference (personal/company) is always
  mentioned. The projects dealt with under a salaried employment are marked as such. The company worked with at
  the time is referred to (with link where possible).

  Type of reference:
  • Network Reference
    bridgelabas network operation

  • Company reference
    Nik Engas independent company
    Klein Engas independent company
                      Lengweileras independent engineer
    Faessler Engas independent company

  • Personal Reference
    A. Fässler (BBR) as BBR employee - A. Fässler (Höltschi&Schurter) as employee of Höltschi&Schurter AG
    R. Lengweiler (VSL) as VSL employee - R. Lengweiler (BBR) as BBR employee
    P. Klein (BBR) as BBR employee - P. Klein (Flückiger + Bosshard AG) as employee of Studer & Bosshard AG
    N. Winkler (Höltschi&Schurter) as employee of Höltschi&Schurter AG - N. Winkler (BBR) as BBR employee

  Cable Stayed
              Bridges Cable Stayed Bridges

  Basoli Cable Stayed Bridge over the River Ravi, Jammu & Kashmir India 2014/15

  Twin pylon cable stayed bridge with a main span of 350 m, side spans of 120 m, A-pylons 106 m high.
  Method statement for cable manufacturing and single strand installation instructions by Klein Engineering.
  Contractor: SP Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd., Jammu & Kashmir, India
  Formwork traveller and stay cables by BBR (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore India
  Design and Project Managing Consultant: Infinty Engineering Group, Vancouver Canada

Basoli Bridge, Jammu &

  Pont de la Poya, Fribourg Switzerland 2013

  Twin pylon cable stayed bridge with a main span of 196 m, side spans of 120 m, A-pylons 110 m high.
  Technical assistance for temporary works by Faessler Eng and Klein Engineering.
  Contractors: Implenia Constructions SA, Grisoni-Zaugg SA, Routes Modernes SA Joint Venture
  Design and Project Managing Consultant: GVH Ingénieurs civils EPF-SIA 

Pont de la Poya, Switzerland

  Cable Stayed Bridge on NH-6 at Santra Market, Nagpur Maharashtra India 2011-2014

  Single pylon cable stayed bridge with spans of 112 m/88 m built across the railway station under full
  service. Method statement and single strand installation instructions by Klein Engineering.
  Contractor: Afcons Infrastructure Limited
  Stay cables supply end erection by BBR (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  Design and Project Managing Consultant: Stup Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Nagpur Bridge, Maharashtra India

  Footbridge at Dror Interchange, Road No. 4, Israel 2012-2014

  Twin pylon pedestrian overpass with a main span of 102 m, steel H-pylons and composite deck.
  Second opinion for cable stay design and stressing sequence asistance by Klein Engineering.
  Design: Grouchko Structural Engineers, Jerusalem Israel
  Client: National Roads Company of Israel MAATZ

Footbridge at Dror Interchange,

  Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai, Maharashtra India 2010

  Twin four-lane carriageways each featuring two cable stayed portions across Mahim Bay between
  Bandra and Worli. Total length 4200 m, segmental construction.
Bandra Worli Sea Link
 850                      Bandra Bridge (50-250-250-50)                             200              Worli Bridge (2x50-150-2x50)     2200

  Permanent site assistance, temporary works by Faessler Eng, construction stage analysis by Klein Engineering.
  Design and Project Managing Consultant: Dar Al-Handasah Consultants - S. Srinivasan.
  Contractor: Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.

  Client: Maharastra State Road Development Company                                                           map

Bandra Cable Stayed Bridge

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Worli Cable Stayed Bridge

  Trans Harbour Link, Mumbai, Maharashtra India 2009

  Triple pylon cable stayed portion with main spans of 240 m, stay cable arrangement in a central plane.
  Preliminary Design by A. Fässler on behalf of Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.
Trans Harbour Link (Proposal)

  Yamuna River Bridge at Naini, Allahabad, India 2004

  Twin-pylon cable stayed bridge at the confluence of Yamuna and Ganga River, main span 260 m
  Temporary works design and supervision by Faessler Eng on behalf of BBR.                              map
Yamuna Bridge

  Naghpur Railway Crossing, Naghpur, India 2004

  Asymmetrical twin-deck cable stayed bridge, main span 140 m, four lanes, lateral bridge launching.
  Preliminary design by BBR assisted on-site by Faessler Eng.
Naghpur Bridge, India

  Sutong Bridge, Nantong, People's Republic of China 2008

  World's longest cable stayed bridge across the Yangtze River (main span 1088m, pylon height 306m).
  Construction stage analysis of South Pylon by P. Klein under Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd.         map
Pylon of Sutong Bridge

  Jambatan Seri Saujana (Bridge 8), Putrajaya, Malaysia 2003

  Cable stayed arch bridge, one central plane and backstays. See Arch Bridges 1, Bridge 8.            map
Cable Stayed Arch Bridge

  Binh Bridge over the Cam River, Haiphong, Vietnam 2005

  Twin-pylon cable stayed bridge with composite deck with precast concrete slabs, 100-260-100 m.
  Construction stage analysis, camber curves and step by step erection method by bridgelab.
Binh Bridge, Pylon Erection

  Surma Bridge, Sylhet, Bangladesh 2005

  Proposal for leightweight cable stayed bridge with two A-pylons and composite deck (160m span).
  Preliminary design by Faessler EngKlein Eng on behalf of BBR.
Surma Bridge

  Krishnarajapuram Cable Stayed Bridge, Bangalore, Karnataka India 2004

  Four-lane road bridge across train station, 240 m long, H-pylon.
  Project management, cable related engineering and site supervision by A. Fässler (BBR).

  Braeaeggtobel Bridge at Bazenheid, Switzerland 2003

  Two extra-dosed bridges, deck and inclined I-pylon in concrete, sharp curvature in plan.
  Detailed design and construction stages in co-operation with Wepf Engineers by Klein EngFaessler Eng.
Braeaeggtobel Bridge

  Wadi Leban Cable Stayed Bridge, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1998

  Pre-cast segmental cable stayed bridge with 405 m main span, deck width 35 m wide. Construction
  stage analysis by R. Lengweiler (VSL). Deputy Project Manager R. Lengweiler for Archirodon.
Wadi Leban Bridge, Saudi Arabia

  Motorola Interchange Cable Stayed Bridge, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1999

  Bridge founded in four traffic islands, deck free floating between the abutments, steel diaphragms.
  Design concept and construction engineering, temporary works design by A. Fässler and P. Klein (BBR).
Motorola Interchange

  Swietokrzyski Cable Stayed Bridge, Warsaw, Poland 2000

  Asymmetric 4-lane road bridge with A-pylon, main span 180 m, composite deck incrementally launched.
  Installation manuals, quality documents, supervision of installation works on site by P. Klein (BBR).
Swietokrzyski Bridge, Warsaw Poland

  Siekierkowski Cable Stayed Bridge over Vistula River, Warsaw, Poland 2002

  Motorway bridge with a main span of 250 m, composite deck incrementally launched on temporary piers.
  Cable project management, cable related and construction engineering on behalf of (BBR) by Klein Eng.
Siekierkowski Bridge, Warsaw Poland

  Batam-Tonton Cable Stayed Bridge, Batam Island, Indonesia 1999      map

  Four-lane cable stayed bridge with spans of 147-350-147 m.
  Technical management of construction engineering and stage by stage erection by R. Lengweiler (VSL).
Batam Bridge

  Arch Bridges 1 Arch Bridges 1

Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi UAE  Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2009             map

  Multiple asymmetrical 'arch' bridges designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Length 840 m,
  main span 235 m, concrete box girder suspended from steel arches, width 16 m.
                  Lengweiler as Deputy Project Manager of Archirodon. Temporary works by Faessler Engineering.

  Jambatan Seri Saujana (Bridge 8), Putrajaya, Malaysia 2003           map
  World’s first cable stayed arch bridge crossing the Putrajaya artificial lake, spanning 300 m.
  Cable related and construction engineering, site supervision by P. Klein (BBR). Design: PJSI Consultants.
Bridge 8

  Godavari Railway Bridge, Rajamundhry, India 1996

  28x100 m concrete arches viaduct erected in the balanced suspended cantilever construction method.
  Final design, construction stage analysis and site supervision by A. Fässler (Höltschi&Schurter).
Godavari Bridge

  Landquart Arch Bridge, Graubuenden, Switzerland 1995

  Arch bridge with inclined steel arches and composite deck, span 134 m, rotation launching across river.
  Detailed design, construction stages and site supervision by P. Klein (Flückiger + Bosshard AG).
Landquartbrücke Au

  Arch Bridges 2 Arch Bridges 2

  Robert Maillart Historical Arch Bridges, Altendorf, Switzerland 1995

  Strengthening of triple hinged concrete arches, replacement of underground ties under full train service.
  Design, tender documents and supervision by P. Klein (Flückiger + Bosshard AG) as project engineer.
Hirschen Altendorf

  Parvati Bridge, Bhuntar, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh India 2005

  Concrete arch bridge with suspended deck structure. Arches erected in free cantilevering method.
  Construction stages, site assistance and traveller design on behalf of BBR (India) Ltd by Faessler Eng.
Parvati Bridge, India

  Suspension Bridges Suspension Bridges

  Monorail Suspension Bridge, Putrajaya Malaysia 2005                        map

  Suspension bridge for precast concrete monorail double track, main span 240 m.
  Erection scheme and cable related engineering on behalf of BBR by Klein Engineering. Design: PJSI Consultants.
Putrajaya Monorail

  14 July Bridge, Baghdad Iraq 2004

  Suspender replacement on riveted steel supension bridge over Tigris river (locked coil), length 336 m.
  Status assessment and cable related engineering for repair works by bridgelab for SPC.
Cable Replacement

  Balanced Cantilever Balanced Cantilever Bridges

  Vai Town,

  240 m long in situ balanced cantilever bridge, main span 100 m, deck width 13 m (bridge replacement).
  Design assistance and continued Third Party Checking by Klein Engineering.      Design: G.A.SH. Engineers Ltd.

  Kampung Pandan Flyover, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2006

  724 m long flyover with twin box girders and central piers and hammerheads, 14 spans of 40/56 m.
  Detailing of pier/hammerhead reinforcement and prestressing by Klein Engineering for Höltschi&Schurter, BBR.

Phu Luong  Phu Luong Bridge, Hanoi 1996

  330m long twin two-lane bridge.
  Construction engineering incl.
  stage by stage analysis, precamber curve, geometry control lines and all checks by R. Lengweiler (VSL).

  Tonton-Nipah Balanced Cantilever Bridge, Nipah Island, Indonesia 1998

  In-situ balanced cantilevers spanning 40-90-160-90-40 m, deck width 18 m.
  Construction engineering, stage by stage analysis and site assistance by R. Lengweiler (VSL).
Tonton-Nipah Bridge

  Incremental Launching Incrementally Launched Bridges

  Poleg Bridge (National Road N2), Netanya Israel 2009

  Incremental launching of two triple-box girder viaducts. Length 240 m, width 2 x 21 m.
Third Party Opinion, Site Assistance and Temporary Works Proof Checking by P. Klein.
  Design: G.A.SH. Engineers Ltd.                           ILP-Technology: Dmitry Vestel                            
  Client: National Road Company MAATZ                 Contractor: Terre Armee Ltd.

Poleg Bridges

  Passerelle Basel SBB (Commercial Overpass Terminal), Switzerland 2003

  Incremental launching of multi-cell box girder under train operation, deck width 24-32 m, length 180 m.
  Site supervision for Passera Pedretti & Partners by . Architects: Giraudi Wettstein / Cruz Ortiz
Incremental Launching of Bridge Deck

  Continuous Beams Beam Bridges

  Badarpur Elevated Highway, New Delhi, India

  4.4 km elevated tollroad in the City of Delhi with complicated interchanges.
  Design of all casting moulds for the long line casting method by Faessler Eng.
Badarpur Elevated Highway

  Hosur Road Elevated Expressway, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 2008

  10 km elevated tollroad to Bangalore Electronic City, segmental construction.
  Design of all casting moulds for the short line casting method by Faessler Eng.
Hosur Road

  Horboden Bridge, Canton Berne Switzerland 2006

  Simple beam with variable depth, schief gelagert, 30 m span.
  Design of prestressing under Stahlton AG on behalf of Kissling Zbinden Design Engineers.
Horboden Bridge

  Matterhorn Terminal Täsch, Canton Valais, Switzerland 2005

  Stormwater culvert at the exit of the Matterhorn Terminal of Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. 
  Structural analysis and PT/RC design on behalf of Guillaume Favre Ingenieurs by P. Klein.
Matterhorn Terminal

  Truss Bridges Truss Bridges

  Riedenhalden Footbridge, Zurich Affoltern, Switzerland 1993

  Truss frame over railways, welded RHS-profiles and orthotropic walkway, launched by railway crane.
  Design and site supervision by P. Klein (Flückiger + Bosshard AG) in the position of the project engineer.


  Neue Aarebrücke, Olten Switzerland 2009

  Design Competition 2005, bridge over the river Aare in direct conjunction with a tunnel portal.
  Part of the new City Bypass System 'Entlasung Olten'. Proposal by Klein EngFaessler Eng.
Aare Bridge Proposal

  Heavy Lifting Heavy Lifting

  Valserrhein Bridge Flood Prevention, Vals, Switzerland 2003

  Mobile heavy lifting arrangement for riveted truss bridge in stormwater condition (+1.000 m in 2h).
  Design, commissioning and test run supervision by Klein
Lifting Rig

  Fina Refinery Turbine Foundation, Antwerp Belgium 2003

  High precision turbine foundation replacement by wire diamond saw under certified security conditions.
  Conception, technical supervision and Execution by Faessler Eng on behalf of Elliott Turbo Machinery.
Fina Refinery Turbine Foundation

  Cable Stayed Roof Structures Cable Stayed Roof Structures

  Indoor Stadium PISA, Penang, Malaysia 1997

  Multi purpose stadium with cable stayed roof structure, welded CHS-profiles, main span 106 m.
  Cable related engineering and site assistance on behalf of BBR Construction Systems by P. Klein (BBR).

  Buildings Buildings

  Schoolhouse 'Unterer Hitzberg' Erlenbach, Switzerland 2004

  Roof-truss strengthening, schoolrooms and gymnastics hall total refurbishment (original from 1912).
  Assessment and structural checks, re-design by Nik EngKlein Eng. Architect: Markus Jandl, Zurich.
Unterer Hitzberg

  Railway Station 'Basel SBB', Switzerland 2003

  Booking-hall and ticket office alteration and reconstruction with underpasses under full train service.
  Design and supervision under Passera Pedretti & Partners. Architects: Giraudi Wettstein / Cruz Ortiz
Booking-hall and ticket office Basel SBB

  Commercial Centre Parking, Conthey Switzerland 2002

  Deck slab over parking in precast element technique.
  Structural analysis and RC design on behalf of Guillaume Favre Ingenieurs by P. Klein.
Centre Commercial Conthey

  Galeria Mokotov Upgrade Warsaw, Poland 2000

  Strengthening of concrete beams for increased loading requirements with pt bars and steel brackets.
  Concept and detailed design, site assistance by P. Klein (BBR).
Galeria Mokotov

  Housing Houses

  Triple Carport, Rüschlikon Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland 2008

  Classical plastered brick and concrete structure with pagode hip roof.
  Structural design by P. Klein. Architect: Reto Pirovino, Zurich.

  Pergola and Garden Lounge, Herrliberg Zurich, Switzerland 2007

  Architectural exposed concrete and glass structure for garden house.
  Structural design by P. Klein. Architect: Cerliani Architekten, Zurich.

  Transformation of Family Houses, Trimbach Solothurn, Switzerland 2006

  Renovation and transformation of parental duplex house, installation of roof atelier/loft.
  Structural consulting by P. Klein. Design: Verena and Christian Klein, Zurich.

Trimbach House

  Dutch Style Brick House, Richterswil Zurich, Switzerland 2005

  Family house in traditional Dutch brick and wood look.
  Structural design by P. Klein. Architect: Cerliani Architekten, Zurich.
Brick House

  Balcony 'Am Wasser' Zurich, Switzerland 2004

  Structural steel pergola with Ticino granite balcony, extension of a family house on the River Limmat.
  Structural design 'stone and steel' by P. Klein. Architect: Reto Pirovino, Zurich.                                  
Am Wasser

  Wellness Annex with Counter Current Pool, Zurich, Switzerland 2004

  Underground extension with pool, relax zone and sauna. Precious wall finishes covered in mosaics.
  Structural design by P. Klein. Architect: Reto Pirovino, Zurich.

  Extension for Workshop and Storage,  Madetswil Zurich, Switzerland 2004

  Small concrete structure in connection with exisiting building.
  Structural design by P. Klein. Architect: Reto Pirovino, Zurich. 

  Farmhouse 'Leemann' Ricketwil, Switzerland 2004

  Traditional brick and wood house, rebuilt in the original protected shape according to current standards.
  Slab analysis and reinforcement design by P. Klein. Architect: Reto Pirovino, Zurich.
Farmhouse 'Leemann'

  Penthouse 'Kreuzstrasse 2' Kilchberg, Switzerland 2003

  Loft conversion and  strengthening with new concrete floor in composite action with old roof-beams.
  Structural assessment and design of composite slab by P. Klein. Architects: Keller Landolt Partner.
Kreuzstasse Kilchberg,

  Kindergarten 'Wanne' Erlenbach, Switzerland 2001

  Extension of existing structure with extensively cantilevering prestressed slab and edge beam.
  Concept and detailed design including longterm analysis by P. Klein. Architect: Volk Architekten, Zurich. 

Kindergarten Wanne

  Country House 'Faessler Engineering' Niederteufen, Switzerland 1999

  Low-energy-house in the pre-alps. Heat pump and ground sond with thermal store technology.
  Structural design 'wood and concrete' by Faessler Eng. Architect: Leo Zwissler, St. Gallen.

House Faessler

  Gardenhouse 'Im Geissacker' Winterthur, Switzerland 1994

  Fancy garden pavilion in a Winterthur aristocrat garden. Concrete, steel and glass structure.
  Structural design 'concrete, steel and glass' by P. Klein. Architect: Reto Pirovino, Zurich.
Garden House 'Im Geissacker'

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