Nik Engineering, Horgen Zuerich

  Nik Engineering has been founded in the year 1998 by Eng. Nik Winkler. The office is located in Erlenbach on the
  Lake of Zurich 30 minutes from the Zurich International Airport. The company is specialised in prestressing and
  related engineering. Due to longstanding experiences in consultancy as well as in contracting Nik Winkler is a
  proven specialist across the whole range of prestressing related engineering including design, development,
  quality assurance, procurement and implementation.
  Nik Winkler is a founding member of the bridgelab network.
  • Structural Design
    • Bridge and Underground Structures
    • Building, Historical Heritage Restoration

  • Prestressing Expertise
    • Assistance for System Approvals (EOTA and others)
    • Finite Element Analysis of System Components

  • Specialities
    • Status Assessments
    • Activity in Competition Juries
Basel SBB,
                Switzerland                  Kindergarten
                Wanne, Erlenbach
                 14 July
                Bridge, Baghdad Iraq
Prestressing Systems                  Schoolhouse Hitzberg
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Nik Winkler, dipl. Ing. ETH/SIA - Obstgartenstrasse 3 - CH-8703 Erlenbach - +41 44 915 05 92