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                                   Structural Design - Construction Engineering - Building - Specialities

  Klein Engineering has been founded in the year 2001 by Eng. Pascal Klein. The office is located at Culmannstrasse
  next to the Federal Institute of Technology in the city centre 20 minutes from the Zurich International Airport.
  The company is specialised in bridge design, construction engineering and site supervision. Experience from the
  consultants perspective as well as from the specialist subcontractor's optic round off the corporate knowledge.
  Klein Engineering is a founding member of the bridgelab network.
  • Structural Design
    • Bridge Structures
    • Concrete, Steel and Composite

  • Construction Engineering
    • Erection Schemes
    • Stage by Stage Analysis

  • Building
    • Office Space
    • Housing

  • Specialities
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Fibre Reinforced Plasics
                Monorail Suspension Bridge
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                          Cable Stayed
                Bridges  Arch Bridges
                1  Suspension
                Bridges  Arch Bridges
                2  Truss
                Bridges  Sprengwerk  Buildings  Cable Stayed
                Roof Structures  Continuos
                Box Girders  Heavy
                Lifting  Balanced
                Cantilever  Incremental
                Launching  Housing
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Pascal Klein, dipl. Ing. ETH/SIA/USIC - Culmannstrasse 26 - 8006 Zürich - +41 44 262 66 84 - skype bridgelab